Alabama (11)

Arizona  (17)

Arkansas (8)

California (3)

Colorado (9)

Florida (42)

Georgia (12)

Idaho (2)

Illinois (3)

Indiana (3)

Iowa  (5)

Kansas (7)

Kentucky (6)

Louisiana (14)

Mississippi (6)

Missouri (10)

Montana (2)

Nebraska (3)

Nevada (4)

New Mexico (6)

North Carolina (16)

Ohio (15)

Oklahoma (10)

South Carolina (8)

Tennessee (10)

Texas (61)

Utah (6)

Virginia (8)

Wyoming (1)

Dillard’s Locations


Market Place

Dillard’s in Fairview, Texas opened on March 10, 2010.

Dillard's, Inc. (NYSE: DDS) is a department store chain in the United States, with 308 stores in 29 states (see details on left). Headquarted in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dillard's locations are concentrated in Texas and Florida; with a major presence in other states including Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Dillard's also maintains a minor footprint in California, and Montana.


Dillard's carries brands such as Chanel, Clinique, DKNY, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Jones New York, Levi's, and Ralph Lauren.


Dillard's is the outgrowth of a Nashville, Arkansas, department store founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard; its corporate headquarters remain located in the eastern edge of Little Rock's Riverdale area, and many of its executives and directors are members of the Dillard family.



The largest Dillard's store at 365,000 square feet is located at Scottsdale Fashion Square, an enclosed super-regional mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Within the Dallas area, the chain has a 299,000-square-foot western flagship store at the upscale Northpark Center. Its flagship store in the East Coast region, at 260,000 square feet, is located in the upscale MacArthur Center in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. The home store for the chain is in Little Rock; the divided store is located in the trend-conscious Park Plaza Mall, one of the city's oldest continuously operating shopping centers in its midtown section.

Dillard’s Outlet Store

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